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The Main Benefits Of Thermal Coat

Resists cracking

Flexibility and elasticity are two of cork’s well known properties. As the most flexible coating product on the market, Thermal Coat repairs your current cracks and keeps future cracking away.

Highly durable & weatherproof

With a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and an ability to deal with anything the British weather can throw at it, an investment in a Thermal Coat coating will perform for decades, keeping your Conservatory dry and warm.

Resists discolouration

Cork’s natural resistance to organic growth keeps it looking cleaner far longer than alternatives. And it’s easy to wash off any marks or stains which may accidentally occur.

Lowers your heating bills

Cork’s natural thermal insulation qualities means a Thermal Coat coating reduces heat loss through walls by up to 30%, bringing significant savings on heating bills, a massive advantage over alternative solutions.

Reduces maintenance

A Thermal Coat coating vastly reduces your future maintenance costs and worries. At a fraction of the price of a new roof or other Insulations, a Thermal Coat coating for your Conservatory is a sound investment, giving you total peace of mind.

Natural and sustainable

No trees are felled in the production of Thermal Coat. The cork in our material is harvested, leaving the trees to regrow. As they do so the forest’s CO2 absorption increases. This incredible natural process means that cork content in SprayCork coating of the average UK house is enough to offset over 500Kg of CO2 emissions.

What The Experts Say

The more we educate ourselves about eco-friendly materials like cork, the better consumer choices and healthier living we will enjoy. Spray cork is a great way to upgrade any conservatory 's performance, and its applications and benefits are seemingly endless.

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